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Demirok Mechatronics, Manufacturing, Erection and Contracting Inc. is an engineering and contracting company to undertake turn-key or partial erection of industrial plants, at all sectors of industry since 1995.
Her main premises are located at İZMİT/TURKEY (100 Km to Istanbul), having 1000 m² roofed area plus 5.000 m² open area and remote sites.
Demirok is member of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and İzmit Chamber of Commerce.

Technological installation of industrial plants :

Turn-key or partial installation of automotive paintshops, automotive production and installation lines, waste water treatment plants, thermal power generation plants, industrial boilers and steam generators, petrochemical plants, cement plants, food industry plants, process plants, and so on.
Installation of all heavy and delicate production machinery, process and auxiliary equipment, piping, electric, instrument and insulation items. 
Dismantling and relocation of the existing industrial plants is also in scope.

Spherical and cylindrical tank erection works :
Erection, testing and commissioning of 1000-5000 m3 spherical LPG/Propane tanks and cylindrical storage tanks up to 100.000 m3.

Piping systems fabrication and installation :
Fabrication and installation of all types of industrial piping systems made of any pipe material (CS, SS, Alu., PE, HDPE, PVC etc.) and for any joint type like flanged, threaded, grooved, welded, coupled by use of certified welders, insuring the NDT tests and leak tests. 
Pipe spools fabrication works at our factory.

Structural steelworks fabrication and installation :
-300 Tons/Month structural steelwork fabrication capacity.
-Fabrication of special large sectioned beams and columns.
-Any steel works made of CS and SS material ; Steel buildings, platforms, gratings, machine and equipment plinths, piperacks, sheet metal works, panels, booths, ovens, ducting, reactors, mixers cylindrical storage tanks, silos, small tanks etc.

Machine and equipment manufacturing and installation works :
Demirok manufactures and installs the machines and equipment which should be tailored and designed by Demirok or directly given by customers. (such as conveyors, reactors, mixers, special purpose machines etc.)

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